“Programming” or “coding” – development of the young generation’s competences.

Abstract: “Programming” or “coding” – development of the young generation’s competences.

New technologies and the Internet have become an integral part of the contemporary world and their development has a clear influence on us. Today, the natural environment of the Homo sapiens is the digitally enriched reality. The labour market rapidly changes, and the success is not so much dependent on the acquired and certified knowledge, as it is on the skill of efficient mobility in a world of excess of information, the abiity to think critically, and the most important value – creativity.
In a world of devices communicating with themselves, an expanded reality and developing artificial intelligence, the humans face a new challenge. Besides knowing one’s native language and a foreign one (in an increasingly mobile world), it is becoming a requirement to know the code of the communicating applications and devices. Coding and programming – third language of the world, is nowadays conquering not only the area of education. It offers a unique possibility of creating the reality, releases the energy of young people, stimulates a non-standard way of thinking. The young generation (digital natives) does not know any other world and there will simply be no other world. Acknowledging this truth we should think how to exploit this civilizational opportunity for a better start and better future, not only for the youngest.