Reinvention of mobility

The disruption of the automotive industry is happening and will be shaped by three dimensions/mega trends: Sustainability, Urbanization & Digitalization. Through the advancement of digital technologies (e.g. AI, Sensors, Connectivity) autonomous systems will become more and more capable of performing tasks that only human used to be able to perform. Self-Driving vehicles become reality. At the same time, Transportation-as-a-Service business models will become more and more relevant as they excel at satisfying the mobility requirements of individuals as well as businesses. In addition to these technologies and business models, we apply novel human-centered development approaches (i.e. Human Thinking) to develop mobility solutions that put the human in the center and serve a higher purpose. With that, the Volkswagen Group will make its digital vision of “Mobility for all – at the push of a button” a reality. Within Group Digitalization, we have structured the Digital Transformation in three customer-centered action fields: Digital Customer, Digital Products & Digital Company at which we have been developing digital solutions Developing solutions within these fields, the Volkswagen Group will become an integrated Hardware, Software and Services Company and a leading provider of sustainable mobility by the year 2025.