The development of an inteligent city using the Citizen Science approach.

Abstract: The development of an inteligent city using the Citizen Science approach.

The development of modern cities is recently strongly dependent on the potential of the advanced technologies they possess, especially on ICT – Information and Communication technologies. They have recently been the key factor for the development of many aspects of life, among others science, health, education, industry and economy. These technologies have simultaneously penetrated the everyday life of the society, assimilating in numerous areas of activity of the human and mutual communication. The pervasive Internet, together with the dynamically developing technologies, for example the Internet of Things, 5G networks, cloud computing, Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Visualisation, allows for the construction of intelligent spaces in which the real world combines with the virtual one creating a specific ecosystem of the digital society.
The presentation includes a description of the significance of these technologies for the construction of one of these spaces – the Smart City. In the opinion of the authors, the main condition for a successful implementation of these solutions will be the involvement of the society (residents), which can be reflected in the following forms: participation in the development of modern technologies and their usage in the so-called Living Labs, the creation and testing of prototypes of new applications, the creation of virtual communities of innovators of the digital society, use of digital resources to shape historical awareness, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding and so on.