WORKSHOPS for residents: Social involvement, participation and co-creation in cities

3 WORKSHOPS for residents: Social involvement, participation and co-creation in cities

We are of the opinion that the cities of the future will be based on social engagement, participation and co-creation. Social interactions allow residents to have a real impact on their city and the city to have a real impact on its residents, as well as to create shared platforms where unique and innovative solutions may be designed and tested in the public space, as well as may be joined by start-ups, entrepreneurs, scientists and students.

The conceptual and ideological foundation of the workshops will be formed by topics of three projects which have received the highest scores in the competition for urban initiatives “City for its residents – Residents for their city”. The workshops are aimed for those who want to create urban Think-Tanks and/or support bottom-up local activities to solve the diagnosed social problems. During the workshops, the participants will go through the whole process of designing innovative social changes in accordance with the Design Sprint methodology, divided into the following stages: Understand/Create/Design/Test/Prepare for implementation. Furthermore, they will develop the three best projects of urban initiatives in the competition by inventing terms and images. The participants will receive a certificate for the moderator of the Think-Tank Poznań.


Agnieszka Deja – Coach of the International Coach Federation, Director of the Branch Office of the ICF Poland in Poznań, Certified FRIS trainer, academic lecturer

Agnieszka Marlińska – Trainer and Consultant, Concordia Design Consulting, Coach of the International Coach Federation

Piotr Wróblewski – Trainer and Consultant, Design Management in Concordia Design Consulting

Participants: any interested persons.

The workshops will be held in Polish.

You can register to take part in the workshops.