Management in a liquid modernity

Abstract: Management in a liquid modernity

The liquid modernity is the diagnosis of our times according to Zygmunt Bauman, one of the most outstanding Polish sociologists. It is a world overfilled with uncertainty in which the horizon of existence of any institution is shortening, and the dogmas are binding only until they are revoked. Management and sociology are sciences so closely related that only a whim of history is responsible for their separation. They both try to understand the behavior of humans as social beings, and they both try to find ways for dealing with the problems of our daily life, even if they use a slightly different language in this respect. In this presentation, basing it on the sociological achievements of Zygmunt Bauman and the studies of management sciences, I will try to answer the question of how to build solid and balanced organisational structures in times of uncertainty and what could replace the inefficient traditional models of organisation management.