WORKSHOP for employees of local government units: Let’s swing the city

WORKSHOP for employees of local government units: Let’s swing the city

Our intent is to determine the modern role, scope of operation and principles for cooperation in the self-government and with residents. Creativity, clear vision and way of thinking and development, knowledge and experiences influence the way the image of the city is created and its future is planned. The workshops will be devoted to a discussion on the function, significance and tasks of the departments which are responsible for developing modern cities, determining their roles, scope of operation, needs and opportunities, conditions for carrying out activities which are inspired and supported by the local self-government.

The workshops will also be an opportunity to initiate a network for cooperation and sharing knowledge between officers of the self-government who are responsible for tasks related to urban development. Its objective will be to design and test new solutions for development, act as a precursor and spokesman for changes in the cities, and promote best urban practices.

During the workshops, we will discuss the following topics:

  1. What does development mean in the context of the current functioning of Polish cities?
  2. How to achieve long-term development within a short period of time (term of office, budget year)?
  3. Expert knowledge of representatives of the local self-governments and opinions of residents.
  4. Residents’ participation in the development planning process and main principles for social communication about urban development.
  5. Action speed and quality of decisions from the point of view of the office and residents.
  6. Development and current affairs, role of the development department in the structure of the office.

Lecturer: Wojciech Kłosowski – Expert of the Foundation POLIS Institute of Cities

Participants: officers of the self-government units who are responsible for urban development

The workshops will be held in Polish.

You can register to take part in the workshops.