Workshop Follow The Data

Leveraging data-driven innovation for better quality of life

Each and every municipality is collecting and storing vast amounts of the most important resource in today’s digital world: Data. But often, data collected within a city or community is spread across different departments or city utilities. This makes it more difficult for the city administration to be aware of what data is available and which data needs to be collected in the future to help solve challenges a city faces – from traffic management to waste collection – in order to provide better services and, hence, quality of life for its citizens.

This interactive workshop is designed for city administrations who want to

  • offer better services for their citizens based on better data;

  • launch a process of data-driven innovation in their municipality;

  • stimulate exchange on data between departments;

  • learn about open source tools based on OASC mechanisms to better integrate data and make it visible.

This workshop is organised by Open & Agile Smart Cities with support of EIT Digital, Digital Enabler and Engineering.


Participants should come informed as to the data sets already available to their municipality as well as those that are likely to become available soon.

Agenda (times vary)

1430 Registration tea / coffee

1500 Welcome & Introduction – Group formation & goal setting

1515 Challenges First: What are the pressing challenges facing our city?

Shareback – some examples from the room

Datastorming – What data do we have today? What will we have tomorrow? What about in future?


The Digital Enabler tool

Opportunities Next – what datasets (current and future) might

present opportunities to tackle our pressing challenges? What are those opportunities?

Shareback – opportunities for innovation using data

Wrap Up
1800 Networking

You can register to the workshop, if you represent the other town as Poznan. The registration is available here: