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Debate with audience participation

How to make use of the city’s potential?
Contemporary spaces for its development in the future

We are interested in the way of thinking about city’s development, in particular in that of persons who owing to their knowledge and acquired experience have got a high causation potential. The perception of something that is possible and feasible not only determines the decisions that are currently being made, ...

Urban initiative competition

A city for residents – residents for the city

We want to promote bottom-up initiatives that respond to real needs of the residents. In cities, there are already numerous solutions that make our life easier and let us experience the place where we live in a pleasant way. The rising number of ambitious projects changes our thinking and behavioural patterns. We invite social organizations, institutions, companies and th...

Workshop for the residents

Social involvement, participation and co-creation in cities

We believe that the cities of the future will be based on social involvement, participation and co-creation. Social interactions enable the residents to really influence the city and the city to influence the residents, and they allow for a creation of platforms of joint designing and testing in a public space of some unique, innovative solutions which can be ...

Workshop for local government units workers

Let’s swing the city

We insist on determining the contemporary role, scope of action and rules of cooperation within the local government and with the residents. Creativity, clear vision and way of thinking about development, knowledge and experience influence the shaping of a city’s image and planning its future. During the workshops we will discuss the functions, importance and tasks of departm...

Workshop for the participants of the URBACT III programme

URBAN Networking

Cities are important driving forces of the economy, being both places of meetings, creativity and innovations, and centres of services provided to the residents. They play a key role in the social and economic development of Europe and the world. Many European cities face the challenge of how to build a city’s attractiveness to keep and attract young, talented, creative r...

Ukrainian potential

Session 1: Your company, step by step.
We focus on what is needed to be done to set up your own company. Formal and legal requirements, linked with registering and managing a self-employment and a company will be provided in this session.

Session 2: Idea – business – innovations: cooperation and support in action
This will be the presentation and exchange of experiences with representatives of...


gen-y city
European countries, as well as individual regions, are looking for new ways to increase their competitiveness and innovation through smart specialisation and ways to support new business models. Activity in innovative and creative sectors is concentrating in Poznań, which means that many companies focuses their activities with a high added value. Startups are increasingly popular among young people. With this in mind, and taking into account the migratory trends in Poznań, we are looking for ways to create optimal conditions for the development of the personal and professional lives of these young people. To achieve this, it is necessary to first of all diagnose the needs of the Y generation, develop new channels of effective communication with them and develop tools whose implementation in the City’s policy will make it an attractive ...
conference venue
Collegium Iuridicum Novum
budynek dydaktyczny
Wydział Prawa i Administracji UAM
al. Niepodległości 53 | Poznań
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