Together with Kino Muza and Estrada Poznańska  we would like to invite you to watch the movie “Food fighter”. This is a story of a fighter – an activist Ronni Kahn, who fights social inequalities and food waste. In her biography we can read: “She is a passionate advocate and activist renowned for disrupting the food waste landscape in Australia”. Ronni is so efficient in “disrupting the situation” in her country, that the Australian government has changed its food policy, declared that they wanted to decrease food waste and made Ronni their advisor. What is more, Ronni was awarded the title of the Officer of the Order of Australia and named Australian Local Hero of the Year.

Ronni’s speech opened the second day of the 5th City Development Forum.  Ronni has been completing the mission of saving food for more than ten years. Disrupting the food waste and at the same time supporting people in need. She is an advocate for sharing the surplus and does not allow social inequality. OzHarvest, a charity ran by Ronni, is the biggest food-rescuing organisation in Australia and numbers 200 employees and 2500 volunteers. OZ Harvest began its actions in 2004 when Ronni herself collected surplus food from entrepreneurs with her own van and transferred it to those in need. Nowadays OZ Harvest also takes educational actions among children, teenagers and adults, showing them how to grow, prepare and eat food, and at the same time how not to waste it and take care of the environment.

You can learn about Ronni’s story by watching the movie “Food fighter”, which will be available for free from 22nd to 27th November at