To own or to share? Efficient use of the load space

According to the PwC report from 2016, it is estimated that in the next years the European car sharing market will grow on average at even 30% annually. The Poles adapt to the market news equally fast and as many as 19% of them actively use the services of sharing passenger vehicles. Perhaps we should use this trend in the transport of goods? Let us ask ourselves whether we are ready for the joint use of the load space of vehicles in different sectors. What will we need in order to implement the solutions for the optimum use of delivery vehicles and will it result in the reduction of the costs of an individual car used in a business activity as well as decreased and smoother delivery vehicle traffic in the city centre. Let us listen to the opinions of the business practitioners and scientists. Participant are: Marcin Foltyński Institute of Logistics and Warehousing, Michał Gawryluk Kierownik Działu Usług KEP Poczta Polska oraz Aneta Ogrodniczek CEO Easyshare.

Moderators: Dr. habil. Arkadiusz Kawa, associate professor at the UEP and Dr. Hubert Igliński, Poznań University of Economy and Business