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Ladies and Gentlemen,

The city means the people, the space and all the interactions which result in constant change. It is fine if the changes lead to the increased quality of the citizens’ lives. “City for the people” is a place friendly for all citizens regardless of their age, profession and social background. The awareness of the processes and their changes in the urban space, observation and exploration of their effects on the environment as well as skilful stimulation thereof are the challenges of urban logistics. Modern city is a complex logistic system. We, as the citizens, scientists, entrepreneurs and urban space managers, aim to realize its complexity, understand the rules of its operation make an in-depth analysis.

Each of us would like to live in a perfect city. But how to make sure that the processes taking place therein are, in the first place, useful, are not burdensome for the citizens, and as efficient for the entire urban organism as possible? Introduce the changes in small steps. First, let us see and define what does not function perfectly in the urban traffic. How to reduce traffic jams? How to make the air cleaner? How to control the traffic for the benefit of all participants? Between the HERE and NOW state and the IDEAL state there is a searching path that has to be taken. We would like to invite the participants of the conference to join the journey and jointly find the solution for the mobile city. Before the reality poses restrictions on us, let us initiate the change – through the exchange of experience, defining the needs and developing solutions. Because the future is something you build.

This year’s conference is a joint initiative of the City of Poznań and Volkswagen Poznań which, in the jubilee year of the 25th anniversary of its presence in the city, would like to emphasize the importance of urban logistics as well as the need of cooperation between the business world, the self government and science for a good cause like this one.

Let us become – As the City of Poznań – a modern and robust centre of urban logistics development. A place where the importance of the matter will be recognized. Let us “visit” together the places where the good practices are in use. Let us look at the world social and technological trends. Let us learn from each other while treating the diversity as a potential. Let us listen to the experts with years of experience as well as younger, blossoming specialists. Let us inspire one another in order to undertake joint actions.

Jacek Jaśkowiak
President of the City of Poznań
Jens Ocksen
President of Volkswagen Poznań sp. z. o.o.