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Future cities must rethink user involvement. Cities are most vibrant when we mix the city and bring people together to collaborate rather than dispersing them.

Helle Søholt – Co-founder and CEO of Gehl Architecs

In the smart cities of the future, the most important are the residents. Taking into account their potential and inclusion of the local community in the city planning process is the simplest and cheapest way to create a better place for everyone. Cities of the future should not put technology first. More and more experts warn against directing the development of smart cities only to technology, indicating that it can not be an end in itself in solving contemporary urban problems. This does not mean the rejection of the possibility of beneficial changes in the functioning of the city, which give modern technological solutions. However, even the most advanced technology is only a tool, not the goal of improving the quality of life of residents. Continuous social dialogue, openness and listening to the opinions of city users is the best guarantee that the city best uses modern technologies to become an increasingly smart city of the future.

At our Forum, we will discuss this topic taking into account the opportunities and challenges for smart cities of the future in the era of rapid technological progress and changes in the natural environment, opening smart cities to social smart innovations and creating them together with users. The Forum’s axis is divided into three thematic blocks: Smart Inclusive City Actions, Open Smart City Actions and Energy Cleantech Smart City.

We invite you to Poznan for the next edition of the City Development Forum!